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Joining the 2d Virginia Regiment

The 2d Virginia Regiment welcomes interested recruits of legal age in good physical condition, as recreating the life of a soldier in Washington's army requires marching, carrying several pounds of equipment, and sometimes even "sleeping under the stars." Since we attempt to recreate soldiers of the Continental Army as accurately as possible, members are also expected to appear at events with no more than three days worth of facial hair, as soldiers were expected to shave no less than every three days.

Becoming a member of the 2d Virginia Regiment begins with either meeting or talking on the phone with one of the organization's officers. This is an opportunity for interested individuals and the unit to explain their expectations and answer any questions they may have. Applicant membership begins once an individual decides they would like to join the 2d Virginia Regiment and pays their dues for both the 2d Virginia Regiment and the Brigade of the American Revolution. Applicant members are then assigned a sponsor from our membership to help arrange "loaner" equipment, assist you acquire your own, and provide guidance in general. At this stage, applicant members are welcome to attend events under the guidance of their sponsor.

Applicant members move to probationary membership when they have:

  • Obtained the minimum and most basic uniform and accouterments as outlined in the Membership Manual.

  • Men-at-arms members must demonstrate safe handing of their firearm and proficiency in the manual of arms; musicians must pass the Brigade of the American Revolution’s First Qualification Level.


A member is eligible for advancement to full membership once they:

  • Personally own a complete uniform and accouterments as outlined in the Membership Manual.

  • Have fired their musket with live ammunition at "firelock match"

  • Have attended two events with the 2d Virginia in a calendar year

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