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The 2d Virginia Regiment is recreated by a group of dedicated historians with a love of history who which to represent the life and times of the common Continental soldier and civilians from Virginia as accurately as possible. The 2d recreates the entire Revolutionary War scene for members of the public through encampments and battlefield reenactments.


The 2d Virginia Regiment appears different in appearance and attitude than much of the Revolutionary War living history community. This is for a purpose. Other organizations may define themselves as "family organizations" or make certain concessions to authenticity. We do not. We define ourselves as a military organization, in that as we represent a fighting force of the 18th century and we act like soldiers on the campaign.


During duty hours, we follow proper military protocols and soldiers are expected to live a soldier's life. Our clothing is hand-finished and the materials all linen and wool, like what the soldiers of the 2d Virginia would have worn. Our camps are Spartan, just a tent and a tin kettle at most. The purpose is present a faithful representation of what life in the Continental Army was like to those who hope to learn from the events we attend, but also that we may have a deeper appreciation for the lives of the men we say we represent.

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