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To contact the 2d Virginia Regiment to join as a member, please email us.  Please be sure to read the frequently asked questions section of this web page for general answers to most membership questions.


Event Requests/Speaking Engagements:

The 2d Virginia Regiment has extensive experience hosting living history events for historic sites.  2d Virginia Regiment has also participated in private and non-historic events for the United States Army, the University of Virginia, and other organizations.  Appearances for non-historic sites or organizations, or appearances with special considerations (take place on a weekday, evenings, etc.) may require an honorarium.

If your site is interested in having the 2d Virginia Regiment either participate or organize a living history event, please contact us.

Note:  The 2d Virginia Regiment generally begins to sets its calendar one year in advance, usually finalizing it by January for the rest of the calendar year.  Late requests will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed.


General Inquiries and Media Requests:

Please contact us for general inquiries or requests from the journalist media.


Television/Film Requests: 

Members of the 2d Virginia Regiment have been a part of numerous television and film projects including:


Standard rates for providing uniformed and equipped soldiers and/or civilians are:

  • Start at $150 per person, per day

  • Meals included while on set

  • Transportation reimbursement

  • Accommodations if a suitable camping area cannot be provided for two-day shoots


Requests should be made as early as possible (two weeks notice is not acceptable) and more extensive consulting and coordination services are available.  Please contact us for more information.

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